About Us

Joonas Tuominen

I have obtained a solid base for my practical experience on construction sites. My education combined with DIY attitude has driven me forward to more and more challenging positions. Avionic technician degree and project experience in nuclear commissioning have trained me well. Especially quality control and measurement technics are my strengths.

I have a versatile experience in nuclear construction environment. My position at Areva OL3 -project was a senior test tool technician. In our department I was responsible for technical content and quality procedures. We provided tools for construction, arranged the yearly calibrations of the test tools, purchased equipment and provided technical support for the commissioning teams.

OL3-project is one of the world’s largest construction projects and only the commissioning stage employs ca. 1,000 nuclear experts. During the time I worked at Areva, there was personnel from 50 countries speaking 20 different languages. Our team was multicultural, and I am used to communicate in English. My ability to read people has grown to excellent. Especially Eastern-European, German and French business cultures have become familiar to me.

I have led challenging commissioning test tool projects regarding mainly primary and reactor systems. As the most experienced person in our team, I was in charge of the test tool team’s performance together with our team leader. Though test tool technics and project planning have been my priority tasks, I also have been responsible for

  • Budget planning and follow-up (e.g. bids, reclamations, invoicing approval)
  • Quality control (e.g. ISO-standards, co-operations with STUK and TVO)
  • Warehouse management (e.g. calibration circle, documentation)

Susanna Tuominen

Administration, accounting and our company’s visual layout are my cup of tea. I have BBA and Dental Hygienist degrees. My work experience is built on an international IT company’s accounting and customer support, clinical work experience in health care and supervisor position.

I enjoy being the back-office and supporting Joonas in his projects with my expertise. My strengths are

  • preliminary accounting
  • accounts payable and receivable
  • e-tools (CRM, Procountor) for company’s everyday life

I graduated as a BBA in 2003 and have worked ten years with customer service and accounting in a Finnish, international company. My desire to develop myself and learn new things brought me to study a new degree in health care and therefore I also have about two years’ experience in the clinical field. During these years I have worked under the following titles: Administrative Assistant, Accounts Receivable Manager, Dental hygienist and Lead Dental hygienist. The same desire to develop and do things my way has lead me to Jotus.