Drone services

Bringing technology and practicality together
– drones in action

Nowadays almost anyone can walk in to a store and buy a drone. But you have to know the legislation to be able to fly safely. We know our regulations and guarantee our pilots and flights. In addition we have the experience of restricted projects and construction site procedures. When we fly on your construction site or industrial building, you can rely on that there is a professional doing his/her job.

But we don’t just fly. We understand that we are just a tool to collect information for your professionals. Our flights gather data for your systems e.g. 3D modelling software.

We know there is already a huge amount of data in construction projects. So the analyzing and forging it to informative entities is essential. This can be done by two ways: manually or using service providers.

technical inspections with drone

Construction surveying

  • We collect accurate data for planning & design
  • You can get ground levels from any point, updates mapped fast
  • Our data enables advanced analysis and information models
  • We are a security safe solution for industrial and safety classified environments

Phase monitoring

We are manager’s eye in the sky:

  • the solution for the whole construction monitoring
  • providing state in “360 images” of the site
  • collecting data for you to compare current situation to designed & scheduled
  • helping to track changes in construction site e.g. daily or weekly from our data